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Build a Better Business

Virtual Series

Join the Ascension Parish Library for the Build a Better Business Virtual Series of small business workshops to be provided via Zoom. This series is made possible with a Libraries Lead with Digital Skills Grant through Grow with Google and the Public Library Association. This grant initiative has also made it possible for the Ascension Parish Library to create its new Business Resource Center website to help small businesses succeed. 


The purpose of this training series is to provide small businesses with decision-making tools to manage and grow their business. Most people focus mainly on the sales; however, sales are only a small part of building a healthy business.

Speaker Spotlight: Benita Benta Rice, Profit & Growth Consultant


Ms. Benta Rice has over 20 years’ corporate experience working with C-level executives in several roles – Asset Management, Management Analyst and Project Management roles. She also has master’s degrees in Strategic Management & Project Management. She has been a recipient of the coveted Cooperative Association of States Scholarships and has served as an AmeriCorps Vista and, currently volunteers at several organizations.

Benita Benta Rice is a Profit & Growth Expert whose focus is on building both people and business. Let us face it, neither can exist without the other. Without people there is no growth and without growth, you cannot add people. Instead of building a business you build a noose and the result is death by strangulation due to lack of people, processes, and property. In short, Ms. Benta Rice focuses on helping owners understand what is missing, assisting them in identifying & creating the much-needed strategy, then guiding them through the implementation of said strategies. Without change, there is no growth. Without growth everything dies.

April 15 is Back Again: Maximizing Benefits of Tax Reporting for Entrepreneurs


Wednesday, September 23, 2020, 6:30 PM

Did you know that tax reporting can be beneficial to business owners?  In this session, we will identify the benefits of tax reporting, key elements that you should know so that you can report accurately, how to take advantage of tax loopholes, and credits and expenses that are available to business owners.

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